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An homage to classic science fiction movies. This show, a journey through all obstacles, grows to juggling blindfolded on 6 foot unicycle, and getting in a giant balloon. Jeremy develops the power of the force to create a visual barrage of incredible juggling, with lively humor. He is a proficient “technical juggler” manipulating up to 7 different objects at once, but the hard skills lie below the surface of an enormously entertaining show. 



    Jeremy Eaton has been seen pleasing audiences on television, cruise ships, comedy clubs, revue shows, theaters, and special events throughout the world. His land-based tours have taken him as far North as Alaska, and as far south as Australia. From resorts in Mexico, Brazilian mardi gras, Fairs in Australia and New Zealand, European festivals, Canadian theme parks in Japan,  Korean historical ceremonies, and malls all over Asia.


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